Visit Museum Guidelines

Together, we can create an amazing experience for all Museum guests.

We make every effort to ensure all guests, whether first-time visitors or seasoned PhxArt Members, enjoy a positive experience while viewing, sketching, studying, and learning about art in our galleries. We encourage all guests to review our policies and guidelines to ensure an enjoyable and safe experience.

Together, we can create an amazing experience for all Museum guests.


Museum Guidelines

Our guidelines and policies are designed not just to protect the Museum’s art collection held in the public trust, but to provide a safe environment for every guest, granting easy access to galleries and Museum services.

All guests must comply with Museum guidelines and policies. Phoenix Art Museum reserves the right to deny services and access based on the safety and well-being of the works of art, our patrons, and our staff.

If you have questions while exploring the Museum, please feel free to ask any guest services associate or gallery attendant. We are here to help.


We strongly encourage all visitors to purchase tickets in advance of your visit. If paying on-site, visitors are strongly encouraged to use a credit or debit card at checkout, taking advantage of our touchless payment systems.

Phoenix Art Museum Members will not be required to reserve tickets in advance. Members will be required to show their Member cards at the admissions desk to obtain entrance.

To purchase your advance tickets, click here.

For assistance with online ticket purchases, email

Bags, Backpacks, Luggage, and Child Carriers

Shoulder bags, such as purses, messenger bags, and laptop bags, are permitted. All backpacks must be stored in a locker or tagged by a Gallery Attendant and worn as a shoulder bag or on the front of your body during your visit. Backpack child carriers or carrying a child on the back or shoulders is not permitted. Luggage, packages, umbrellas, and other bags exceeding 11×15 inches are not permitted. Lockers for storing bags are available free of charge in the main lobby. Medically-required backpacks are permitted, but must be worn on one’s shoulder only.

Lost and Found

If you lose an item while in the Museum, please ask any gallery attendant or guest services associate for assistance. If you need help locating a lost item after your visit, please contact us at 602.307.2099 or


We wish to provide a meaningful experience for guests of all abilities and make every effort to ensure our facilities and programs are accessible in compliance with state and federal law. Review our full list of accessibility accomodations here.

Viewing Art

Please look, but don’t touch. For your safety and the preservation of the artwork, do not touch any artworks in the Museum. In some instances, designated gallery areas may include interactive stations with materials/media, equipment, and artworks designed for touching. Those interactive stations will be clearly indicated.

Please stand at least 18 inches (one-half meter) away from all artworks. Do not cross the line of art safety barriers. Do not use foreign objects to point at artwork, including, but not limited to, pencils, papers, brochures, glasses, or other items.

Do not lean against or touch walls, pedestals, or display cases.


All Museum guests may use the restroom of the gender with which they most closely identify. Single-occupancy Family/All-Gender restrooms are also available on the first floor of the Katz Wing for Modern Art and on the first floor of the Wolfswinkel Education Center building, located at the southeast end of the Dorrance Sculpture Garden.

Personal Items

The use of pencils, notebooks, and drawing pads for taking notes or sketching is permitted in the galleries. All other writing implements, such as pens, markers, crayons, paint, and other forms of wet media; easels; and drawing pads larger than 18×24 inches are not permitted. Art-and-craft items provided by the Museum for organized activities are permitted within designated spaces.

Medically required supplies are permitted.

Additional personal items that are not permitted inside the Museum include, but are not limited to: umbrellas; balloons; toys, including yo-yos, squirt guns, and hula hoops; prop or toy weapons; masks; electronic games; roller skates, scooters, wheeled shoes, skateboards, and bicycles; and police or radio scanners (low-level walkie-talkies used by groups are permissible).

Permission to bring any personal items into the Museum is always determined at the discretion of the Museum’s security teams.


Guest parking is available at no charge on site and is limited to first-come, first-served availability. Phoenix Art Museum is not responsible for any loss of property or damage to vehicles that may occur on Museum property.

During peak times and voluntary-donation hours, parking is extremely limited and often fills up within the first hour of the event. We encourage all guests to carpool, rideshare, make use of public transit, bike, or walk to the Museum whenever possible.


We encourage our guests to converse and fully enjoy their art museum experience, but we ask for consideration for the experiences of all guests. As a result, disruptive noise is prohibited. We ask that all guests with electronic/sound-producing devices, including, but not limited to mobile phones, portable media players, and electronic gaming devices, use headphones to listen to these devices. We ask all visitors to be aware of the experiences of guests around them and to refrain from shouting, yelling, screaming, or other activities that may disrupt the experience of fellow visitors.

Prohibited items

Flowers, plants, feathers, and balloons are not permitted inside the Museum, with exception of uses during special events/facilities rentals, which are subject to some restrictions. Other items may also be prohibited. Contact us for a list of full prohibited items.

Photography and Videography

Photography is permitted for personal, non-commercial use, unless otherwise indicated. Videography using smartphones only may be permitted. Use of a flash, tripod, monopod, selfie stick, home video recorder, or professional movie/video filming equipment is strictly prohibited.

Copyright for many works of art belongs to the artist or their representatives. Phoenix Art Museum does not assume liability for violation of copyright law by a guest or visitor. If you are interested in reproducing works of art in the Museum’s collection, you must obtain advance permission. Certain conditions and restrictions may apply, including fees. For permission to reproduce works of art, please read, complete, and submit this image request form to

Members of the press or commercial entities seeking approval to photograph or film in the Museum must obtain advance permission. Submit inquiries to

Phoenix Art Museum professionally documents guests, programs, and events in photography, audio, and video, which may be used for promotional and/or educational purposes. By entering the Museum, you waive all rights to any claims for approval, payment, or royalties for any use of these media. To opt out, please visit the guest services desk for a wristband. If you have questions or concerns, contact

Wheelchairs, Strollers, and Mobility Devices

Wheelchairs and motorized wheelchairs, walkers, crutches, or canes needed for stability are permitted. Wheelchairs for use in the Museum are available to borrow free of charge at the main entrance, located in Greenbaum Lobby. Strollers and child carriers that are worn on the front of one’s body are permitted. Medically required equipment, such as oxygen tanks, are also permitted but must be worn as shoulder bags only.

Special Events

Specific policies may apply to special events and facilities rentals. Contact us for a list of full policies.

Weapons, Alcohol, and Tobacco

No weapons of any kind are permitted, including, but not limited to, pocket knives, utility knives, firearms, or prop/toy weapons. On-duty public-safety officers are permitted to carry service weapons on property.

Alcohol may not be brought into nor taken out of the Museum, with the exception of approved special events during which alcohol may be served by the Museum’s licensed bartending service.

We maintain a no-smoking/vaping environment in both the Museum and the Dorrance Sculpture Garden, where all smoking is prohibited, including, but not limited to cigarettes, vaping devices, marijuana, pipes, or cigars. Designated smoking areas are available for guests in the parking lots, on the public sidewalk outside of Chase Lobby doors (along Central Avenue), adjacent to the Phoenix Theatre box office, or at least 20 feet from any main entrance. No smoking of any kind is ever permitted in the Dorrance Sculpture Garden.

Food and Drink

Food and drink, including water bottles, are not permitted in the Museum unless otherwise indicated. Water fountains are located in various areas throughout the Museum, including adjacent to most restrooms.

Baby bottles, spill-proof “sippy” cups for children, and breastfeeding are permitted. Presently, the Museum does not provide a designated breastfeeding area.

Inclusivity and Diversity

Phoenix Art Museum, as a member of the American Alliance of Museums, values, celebrates, and honors the diverse array of attributes, characteristics, abilities, and perspectives that make each person unique and authentic. We are made stronger as a Museum when we welcome visitors, staff, volunteers, and donors from all demographic and socioeconomic segments of our city, state, and world. We believe inclusion and diversity to be drivers of institutional excellence and strive to cultivate a multiplicity of thought, participation, and action by building and presenting a collection of art from diverse cultures and offering a variety of public programs for guests of all ages, interests, and abilities. It is therefore our aim that our visitors, Museum Members, employees, volunteers, Trustees, and key stakeholders reflect and embrace these core values in the spirit of serving our broadest community and preserving our collection held in the public trust.

Infants and Children

Children aged 13 and younger must be accompanied by an adult companion at all times.

Family / All-Gender restrooms are available in two locations at Phoenix Art Museum: the first floor of the Katz Wing for Modern Art and the first floor of the Wolfswinkel Education Center, a separate building accessible from the Dorrance Sculpture Garden.

Strollers and child carriers that are worn on the front are allowed.

No drinks are permitted in the galleries, with exceptions for baby bottles and spill-proof “sippy” cups for children.

Breastfeeding is permitted in all spaces. Presently, the Museum does not provide dedicated spaces for nursing mothers.


We welcome guests and their service animals, as authorized by applicable law. Learn more here about the policies that govern permitted service animals. Non-service comfort animals are not permitted, nor are pets of any species or breed.

Outside artwork

To protect the integrity and security of our collection, no outside works of art may be brought into the Museum without prior authorization from the Museum’s registrar.

For more information on how to donate a work of art to the Museum’s collection, please contact us at

We want you to have the best experience you possibly can.

We want to ensure a positive experience so all guests who pass through our doors can enjoy meaningful opportunities for discovery. If you need assistance at any time during your visit, or wish to report a challenge or issue that inhibits your experience outside of the guidelines above, please do not hesitate to approach a gallery attendant or guest services associate at your first opportunity.

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