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Donor Acknowledgements

Josiah McElheny, The Last Scattering Surface (La última superficie de dispersión), 2006. Hand-blown glass, chrome plated aluminum, rigging, and electrical lighting. Museum purchase with funds provided by Jan and Howard Hendler.

Phoenix Art Museum gratefully acknowledges the generosity of our donors, whose annual gifts benefit our exhibitions, educational programs, and services for the community.

Please note: This list recognizes Circes of Support donors, institutional donors, 21st Century Society members, Corporate Council members, and Museum Members at the Fellow level who have made a gift between September 1, 2019 and September 1, 2020.

$100,000 +

°Larry Clemmensen
The Dorrance Family Foundation
*Carter and Susan Emerson
Ford Foundation
*David and Dawn Lenhardt
*Ellen and Howard C. Katz
Men’s Arts Council
Opatrny Family Foundation
°Rose and Harry Papp ⑤
Phoenix Office of Arts and Culture
*Sue and Bud Selig
Small Business Administration
°Betty Lou Summers
Carl & Marilynn Thoma Art Foundation
The Rob and Melani Walton Foundation
Virginia G. Piper Charitable Trust

$25,000 – $49,999

Arizona 5 Arts Circle ⑤
Bank of America
Allison and Robert Bertrand
Laurie and *Drew Brown
Gloria and Philip Cowen
David E. Adler Fine Rugs
Ellman Foundation
*Mark and Diana Feldman
*Judy and Bill Goldberg ⑤
Kenneth and Janet Glaser
*John and Kathleen Graham
*Jane and Mal Jozoff
*Dr. Parvinder Jit Singh Khanuja and Parveen Kaur Khanuja
°Margot and Dennis Knight
Judy and *Alan Kosloff
Kravet Inc.
Dr. and *Mrs. Hong-Kee Ong
*Blair and Lisa Portigal
*Kim and Steve Robson
°Gary and Diane Tooker
UMB Financial Corporation

$5,000 – $9,999

*Ruben and Shelley Alvarez
Atlasta Catering
°John and Oonagh Boppart
Betsy and Kent Bro
Julia and Robert Bruck
Richard and Ann Carr
Katherine and Charles Case
°Amy S. Clague
Libby and Joel Cohen
The Collector’s House
David Michael Miller Associates
Mr. and Mrs. Michael DeBell
Pam Del Duca
Discount Tire Company
Dye Family Foundation
Jane and Andrew Evans
Fabulous Food
Dr. and Mrs. Jack A. Friedland
°Erin and John Gogolak
Beverly N. Grossman
Guided Home Design
°Dr. and Mrs. Meryl Haber
Judith Hardes
Jeanne and °Gary Herberger
John Brooks, Inc.
Carol and Kenneth Kasses
KT Tamm Inc
Jerry and Shirley Lewis
Lincoln Heritage Life Insurance Company
Dr. and Mrs. Robert F. Lorenzen
Luxe Interiors + Design
M Catering by Michael’s
°Paul and Merle Marcus
Diane and Larry McComber
Pat and Keith McKennon
Merit Partners, Inc.
MMB Studio
My Sister’s Closet
Neiman Marcus
°Priscilla and Michael Nicholas
The Norton Foundation
Robert and Myra Page
Camerone Parker McCulloch and Robert McCulloch, M.D.
Saltlick Family Trust
Premiere Wood Floors, Inc.
Quench Fine Wines
Timothy Schwimer
Scottsdale Shade & Light
Iris and °Adam Singer
°Angela and Leonard Singer
Sub-Zero, Wolf, and Cove
°Miriam and Yefim Sukhman
Nancy Swanson
Tod Carson, Inc.
U.S. Bank Foundation
°Gilbert Waldman and Christy Vezolles
Walt Danley Group
Waterworks, LLC
°Mr. and Mrs. William G. Way
°Mr. and Mrs. Louis A. Weil III

$1,000 – $2,499 | A – H

Rebecca Ailes-Fine
Bert and Jill Alanko
Makenna and Mike Albrecht ⑤
Rebecca Albrecht and Norris Livoni
Caralee Allsworth
Jean Ambler
American Express Foundation
Amy Strang Interiors LLC
Angelic Grove
Megan and John Anderson ⑤
Ellen Andres-Schneider and Ralph Andres ⑤
Andrea Anttonen Christensen
Arcadia Design Group
Arizona Distilling Co.
Avant-Garde Studio
Diana C. Banahan
Bar Napkin Productions
Richard Belveal
David and Susan Berman
Neil Berman
Barbara A. Berry
Karen and Gary Bethune
Sarah and David Bodney
Tawnya Bond
°Donna and Gus Boss
Robert Brannon and Recky Maltenfort
Nancy and Joe Braucher ⑤
Linda H. Breuer
Eric and Dorothy Bron
Brenna C. Brooks and Jon Gabrielson
Sumner Brown and Lyn Bailey
Bungalow, Inc.
Susan Burman
Shirley A. Burns
C.A.I. Designs
Marilyn J. Cahoon
Anne J. Canzonetti
Judy E. Capra
Jennifer and Chip Carmer
Patricia Carroll and Richard Strahota
William M. Carson
Celebrations in Paper
CeTerra Accents & Interiors
Sandy Chamberlain and David Kest
Michael and Kathleen Christodolou
Jennifer and Bill Clark
Marilee and David Clarke
Colette and Harley E. Cluxton, III
Elaine and Sidney Cohen
Andrew and °Amy Cohn
Virginia Collier
The Construction Zone
Deborah and Richard Cookson ⑤
°Joyce Cooper
Sam Coppersmith
Cornelia Park
Courier Graphics Corporation
°Joan D. Cremin
Jon and Alicia Crumpton
Mr. and Mrs. Robert P. Damico
Mr. and Mrs. Alfred D’Ancona
Leslie Dashew and Jack Salisbury
Harryette & Jerry David Family Foundation
Lynne Davis
Deb & Bob Pulver Foundation
DeCesare Design Group
Luino and Margaret Dell’Osso
Denise Milano Design
JoAnne Doll ⑤
Sydney D. Dye and L. Michael Dye
Judith and John Ellerman ⑤
Suzanne Emerson
Event Rents
Maureen and Tom Eye ⑤
*Robert and Micheline Faver
Richard and Suzanne Felker
Katalin Festy-Sandor
Noel and Anne Fidel
George and Ann Fisher
Sue Fletcher
Amy Flood and Larry West
Niloo Fotouhi
°Anne S. Garrett
Elton Gilbert ⑤
Angela and Jeffrey Glosser ⑤
°Richard and Susan Goldsmith
Laurie and Charles Goldstein
Peter and Wendy Gordon ⑤
Laura R. Grafman
Karen and James Grande
Jackie and Larry Gutsch ⑤
Roberta D. Hall
Ashley Harder
*Lila Harnett
Karen and Lawrence Harris
Josh and Cat Hartmann
Dr. and Mrs. Douglas Hauser
Mary and Gates Hawn
Lyndsay and Ben Hayes
The Head Family Foundation
Glen Hein
Maxine Henig and Jodi Freeman
Billie Jo Herberger
Ms. Mary Beth Herbert and Mr. Cecil Penn
Linda Herman
Paul and Yinglu Hermanson
Bethany A. Hicks
Mr. and Mrs. David L. Higgins
Lori and Howard Hirsch ⑤
Amber Hodge and Johnny Perez
Honor Thy Home
Lynda and Arthur Horlick ⑤
Mimi and David Horwitz ⑤
Mr. and Mrs. Mark E. Howard
Julie Hundman
Justine Hurry
Nancy Husband

$1,000 – $2,499 | Q – Z

Teresa K. Quale
The Refined Group
Patricia Reiter
Mr. and Mrs. Richard Reitman
Ida Rhea ⑤
Nancy Riegel
Karen Riley
Stephena C. Romanoff ⑤
Kathy Rosenzweig
Merle and Steve Rosskam ⑤
Betsy Ross-Retchin ⑤
*Paige Rothermel
Roux Design Studio LLC
Sandra and Earl Rusnak ⑤
Vincent and Janie Russo
Mary and Tom Sadvary
Stella and Mark Saperstein ⑤
Ronald Sassano
Laura and Gary Saterbak
James and Linda Saunders
Judy and Leonard Schiller
Carol and Randy Schilling ⑤
Schlein Foundation, Inc.
Debra and Larry Schmalz
Maura Schuster
Fred and Arleen Schwartz
Sheila Schwartz
Scottsdale Interior Design Group
Arlene and Morton Scult
Seattle Foundation
The Seidler Foundation
Neal and Rachel Seltzer
Seneca Jewelry
Shapiro Aesthetic Plastic Surgery & Skin Klinic
Lisa and Dan Shapiro
Mr. George F. Sheer and Linda Porter
Carol Shriber
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Shull
Adrienne and Michael Silverman
Charles and Rowena Simberg
Khamsone Sirimanivong
Donald and Dorothea Smith
Lynne Smith
Mr. and Mrs. Richard Snell
Mr. and Mrs. Stanley Spiegel
James L. Stengel
Mr. and Mrs. Richard D. Stern
Rick and Lynda Strusiner
Stuart Weitzman
Richard and Carolyn Szatkowski
Nikki and Brent Tally
Eric and Lauri Termansen
Thomas Hoyle Flowers
Fred and Gail Tieken ⑤
Pat and Phil Turberg ⑤
Jacquie and Merrill Tutton
Valerianne of Scottsdale
Mrs. Betty Van Denburgh
Mildred B. Williams
Vicki and Vernon Vaughn
Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth A. Vecchione
Colleen Warner
Gerald Weiner
Susan and Robert Weis
Sherry Wilcop
Daniel and Joy Wilhelm
Gretchen and Dick Wilson ⑤
Ronald G. Wilson and Bonnie Naegle-Wilson
Georgia Ray and R. Stephen Wolfe
Delwyn and Diana Worthington
Dr. Anthony T. and °Eileen Ong Yeung
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Zuieback

21st Century Society – Realized

Eleanor Ableson
Dr. Robert Adami
E. Mark Adams and Beth Van Hoesen  Adams
Joan and Lorenz Anderman
Ruth and Hartley Barker
Claudia I. Baum
George K. Baum II
LeRoyce Bennett
C. W. Brose
Lynne and Warren Brown
°Yvette Ward Bryant
°Pat Burney
Mabel and James Cahill
Spiro Cakos
Susie Cakos
°Amy S. Clague
John M. Clements
Ruth Clements
Jane Pearson Collamer
Virginia S. Connor
Mary Moore Coughlin
Russell Cowles
Mary Meeker Cramer
°Philip C. Curtis
Ralph Dudley Daniel
Paul Hyde Davies
°Barbara C. Dow
Nancy L. Durham
Lucille B. Earle
Liese Lotte and Albert Eckstein
Jeannette Shambaugh Elliott
°Darby and Herschel Epstein
Josephine “JoJo” Fabrizi
Richard Faletti
Donald Farnsworth
Carol and Harold Felton
Arthur Fishman, M.D.
Colin R. Floyd
Eunice Fort
Reginald J. Franklin
Margaret P. Gale
Georgia Gelabert
George F. Getz, Jr.
Marie Connor Girardin
Ann and Chet Goldberg
Bernard Grebanier
Ruth Gunston
Rose O. Gustafson
Bobbie Haas
Delbert Harr
°Sybil Harrington
Margareta Harris
Kax and °Bob Herberger
Barbara Turner Hitchcock
Hugh Hard Horner
Dr. Bill Howard
Arleen W. Hughes
Margaret and Ernest Iglauer
°Edward “Bud” Jacobson
Mrs. Oliver B. James
Vivienne B. Jennings
Eva Jungermann
Robert D. Kaufmann
Nan Kempner
William and Sharon Lee Ketai
Margaret Kirkpatrick
Helen M. Kollmeyer-Herzberg
Betty M. La Fevers
Helen Lawler
Kathleen I. Leavitt
Frances Leonard
°Orme Lewis, Sr.
Dr. Patricia Lynch
°Dennis Lyon
Lyon Family Estate
Elizabeth B. MaGuire
James and Dhira Mahoney
Felicia Meyer Marsh
°Maxine and Jonathan Marshall
Beatrice McDowell
Mrs. Martha McKelvie
Miriam A. McKeown
Maurine Mueller
Gerald H. Myers
Mary K. O’Malley
°Mr. and Mrs. L. Roy Papp
Helen Gunn Powell
Herbert L. Pratt
Margarite Mary Ramond
Mildred E. Reed
°Ginger Renner
Allan Richard Reznikoff
°Stephen Rineberg
Genevieve D. Roach
Lucy Roca
Margeurite Roll
Joseph and Gloria Rose
Robert R. Rosenbaum
°Betty and Newton Rosenzweig
°Jay S. Ruffner
Evelyn and Ernest Sauer
Jeanette and Bernard Schmidt
Jonas and Jacqueline Schreider
Carolyn Schulte
Frederick J. Schweitzer
Charles A. Simberg
Mary and Lee Slater
Sylvia Sleigh
Carolann Smurthwaite
George E. and Marjorie G. Springer
Frances Hover Stanley
Mildred N. Starr
Ettie Stettheimer
Earl Stroh
°Betty Lou Summers
Ruth Hobday Sussman
Helen C. Tarbox
Astrid L. Thomas
Arlene Tostenrud
°Virginia Ullman
Florence Van Norden
Baroness Carl von Wrangell
Anna Maude Webster
Albertine M. Weed
Ruth Bank Weil
Lee W. Werhan
Fred E. Wood
Eleanor and George Woodyard
Florence and Leon Woolsey
Hamilton W. Wright

$50,000 – $99,999

Arizona Community Foundation
*Alice and Jim Bazlen
*Jo Brandt
Lee and °Mike Cohn
*Mrs. Nancy Hanley Eriksson
The Chester and Ann Goldberg Family Trust
Dr. Bill Howard and Iris Wigal
*Jon and Carrie Hulburd
JPMorgan Chase & Co.
°Richard and *Sally Lehmann
National Endowment for the Arts
Schwab Charitable Fund
Pam and °Ray Slomski
The Virginia M. Ullman Foundation
Charles and *Meredith von Arentschildt

$10,000 – $24,999

George Abrams
°Roberta Aidem
Jett and Julia Anderson
Art Solutions & Installations, LLC
The Bessemer National Gift Fund
Blue Cross® Blue Shield® of Arizona, an independent licensee of the Blue Cross and Blue Shield Association
Bushong & Christian PLLC
Cardinals Charities
Corporate Presentation Network
Craig & Barbara Barrett Foundation
Distinctive Custom Cabinetry
E. Rhodes and Leona B. Carpenter Foundation
Falcon Investments Trust
Fidelity Charitable Gift Fund
Herbert H. and Barbara C. Dow Foundation
Holloway Odegard & Kelly, P.C.
The Jeffrey Horvitz Foundation
Jewish Community Foundation of Greater Phoenix
°Polly and Jonathan Levine
Jan and Tom Lewis
Janis and *Dennis Lyon
James and Dhira Mahoney
Maricopa Community Colleges
Mr. and Mrs. Robert H. McKee
Moreno Family Foundation
My Sisters’ Charities
Northern Trust Bank, NA
Northern Trust Company Charitable Trust
Matthew and Mary Palenica
PHX Architecture
William A. Pope
Robert Burg Design
Carol and Thomas Carlton Rogers, II ⑤
Saks Fifth Avenue
*Carl and Marilynn Thoma
To Be Continued…A Consignment Boutique
Vadara Quartz Surfaces
Wells Fargo

$2,500 – $4,999

Judy Ackerman and Richard Epstein
AFR Furniture Rental
Milena and °Tony Astorga
The AtLee Family Foundation, Inc.
Philip and Lydia Bell
Charlene Berge-Blum
Bouton & Foley Interiors, Inc.
Claudia Brown
Bruce Brown Catering
Kay Butler ⑤
Camelback Flowershop
Jerry and Stefanie Cargill
Cheryl and Robert Carr
Charles Glover Interiors
Mr. and Mrs. Tom Chauncey, II
The Clements Family
Clyde Hardware
Codigo US
Denise LaVey Interior Design
Robert M. Dixon
Jim and Betsy Donley
DOXA Central, LLC
Eli Lilly and Company Foundation
Glenn and Mary Beth Evans
Gammage & Burnham, PLC
*David and Caroline Garcia
Amanda and Dana Garmany
Alice Garner
Genova-Detweiler Custom Builders
Paul Giancola and Carrie Lynn Richardson
Victoria and Rod Granberry
Dean and Taylor Griffin
Kim E. Gwozdz
Michael Hawksworth and Anna Sokolova
Sandra Hecomovich
Honeywell International Corporation / Daniel Satterfield
Mr. and Mrs. James D. Howard
Jaimee Rose Interiors
Mack Jones
JPMorgan Chase Foundation
Ellen and Bob Kant
Dr. and Mrs. Jamie Kapner
Merrill and Van Kasper
°Andrew & Wan Kim Family Foundation
James and Ina Kort
The Levin Family Charitable Foundation
Mr. and Mrs. Robert J. Lavinia
Dr. and Mrs. Herbert J. Louis
Main Dish
Steve and Janice Marcus
Ed Marshall
Wally and Martha Martin Henkel
Patrick and Dorothy Mather
Belle and Bob Merwitzer
Robert and Marina Moric
Omega Boutique
Elizabeth and Kyle Owens
Ownby Design
Oz Architects, Inc.
Myra Page
Paris-Milan Home
Nancy Pendleton and Robert Smith
Lisa Perry
Linda Porter
Gail Rineberg
Lois and John Rogers
Jana and Charles Sample
Jacqueline Schenkein and Michael Schwimmer
Elizabeth Shabaker
Judy and Bud Stanley
°Betsy and Bruce Stodola
Paula and Jack Strickstein
Barbara and Jim Sturdivant
Tabarka Studio
Vallone Design, Inc
Deidre Vecchione
Charles and Vonnie Wanner
Dr. and Mrs. William Weese
Wiseman and Gale Interiors

$1,000 – $2,499 | I – P

Jackson Family Foundation
The Honorable Brenda L. Johnson
Donna Johnson
Barbara and Garrett Johnson
Stephanie Johnston
Linda Jones
Gigi Jordan and Bob Patterson
Dr. Norma F. Kafer and Mr. James Gordon
Barbara and Donald Kammerzell
Ginette Karabees
Karma Event Lighting
Elise Kausen
Kathy and Fred Kenny
Kathryn and William Kilpatrick
Bernard and Jeanette Kirk
Eleanor and Bruce Knappenberger
Carolyn Refsnes Kniazzeh
Susan Kovarik and Brian Schneider
Judy Krolikowski
°Carolyn R. Laflin
Mark LaPalm
Bruce and Jane Lawson
Benjamin and Lucinda Lenhardt
David Lewis
LGE Residential Design Build
Marilyn and Dale Lillard
Dr. Dorothy Lincoln-Smith and Dr. Harvey Smith ⑤
Lissa Lee Hickman, Inc
The Lodge at Torrey Pines
Cheryl Londen
Lori Clarke Design
Lynne Love
Debra Luke
Don and Debra Luke
Luxe Pros
Susan Lynch
Melissa Mae
Mr. and Mrs. Daniel G. Maloney
Manaster Foundation
Maple & Ash
Maricopa Community Colleges Foundation
Susan and Philip W. Matos
Sandra Matteucci
Katherine May
Gregory and Anita Mayer
Richard Mazer
Roxanne McCafferty
Mary Kay McClanahan
James R. McIntyre
Mary Ellen McKee
Tammy McLeod and John Hamilton
Marissa and Andrew Medley
°Jim and Jean Meenaghan
Mary Meinz
Janet and John Melamed ⑤
Mendil + Meyer Design Studio
Merrill Lynch
Arthur Messinger and Eugenie Harris
Lisa Meyer
Glenda and Eugene Miller
Jolyn and Earl Miller
Sherrell Miller
Doris and Eliot Minsker ⑤
Morphe Cosmetics – Scottsdale Fashion Square
David and Judee Morrison
Patricia and Lawrence Moss
Karen Nackard
Nelson Barnum Interiors
Diane Newton
Gene and Connie Nicholas
Cheryl and Sam Nocifera
Richard B. and °Patricia E. Nolan
Michael and Kathleen Norton
Kenneth O’Connor and Deedee Rowe
Kay and Walter Oliver
Diane and Patrick O’Malley
Barbara and Donald Ottosen
David and Mary Patino ⑤
Jody Pelusi
Suzanne Pfister
James and Karrie Pierson
Pamela A. Ploetz
Helene and Joseph Presutti
ps:studios, inc.
Mrs. Maritom K. Pyron

21st Century Society – Unrealized

°Alvan and Sara Adams
Annie Allen
Milena and °Tony Astorga
Linda and James K. Ballinger
Dr. and Mrs. John A. Bamberl
Pari and °Peter Banko
Jim and *Alice Bazlen
Uta Monique Behrens
Viola F. Bernstein
Ben Bethel
Maria Ramos Martinez Bolster
Oonagh and °John Boppart
Bonnie and °John Bouma
LaVerne Beall Burhans
Joe Bushong
Iris Cashdan-Fishman
Marc and Mary Ann Cavness
Mr. Sandy Chamberlain and Dr. David Kest
Jae and Diann Christensen
Chad Christian
Elaine W. and Sidney A. Cohen
°George and Mandy Cohen
Pat and Gary Cohen
Lee and *Mike Cohn
Mr. and Mrs. °Jerry Colangelo
°Charles Coronella
Harry R. Courtright
°Joan D. Cremin
Dorothy and Herold Crume
°Joseph and Kathy D’Amico
°Denise and Robert Delgado
°A. J. Fleet Dickey
Marnie Dietrich
Mary Heiss and *Harold Dorenbecher
°Susan and Mark Mulzet
Gary J. Egan and Daniel A. Holterman
Murray and Cecile Epstein
Allen and °Charlesa Feinstein
*Mark and Diana Feldman
Sharon and Victor Figarelli
Kate Forbes
Nancy Gale Forrester
Sharyn and Stuart Frankel
Mr. and Mrs. William Gardner
Dr. Paul and Amy Gause
Bill and *Judy Goldberg
°Richard and Susan Goldsmith
Betty and Robert Shoenhair
*Michael and Heather Greenbaum
Pamela Grieco
°Paul and Mary Beth Groves
Stephen and Marcia Guerrant
°Meryl H. Haber
Mr. and Mrs. Charles Hall, III
°Mrs. Diane Cummings Halle
*Mrs. Lee T. Hanley
Terrence M. Hanson
*Lila Harnett
Lynette Heller
Mary Beth Herbert
Cheryl Hintzen-Gaines and Ira Gaines
Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Husband
Ray and Dee Isham
Henry E. (Hank) and MaryAnn L. Johnson
Stanford S. Johnson
*Jane and Mal Jozoff
°Dr. Eric Jungermann
Karen Justice
Don Karner
Ruth R. Kaspar
*Ellen Katz
Mohammad and Vernita Khosti
Dottie Kobik
Dr. and Mrs. Ravi Koopot
Shawn and °Joseph Lampe
Thomas and Julianne LaPorte
*Sally Lehmann
Tochia and Stan Levine
°Sharron Lewis
Linda Ligon
Dr. Dorothy Lincoln-Smith and Dr. Harvey Smith
°Judy and Sam Linhart
°James and Dr. Michele Lundy
Janis Lyon
Jeffrey Manley
°Paul and Merle Marcus
Mrs. Robert McCreary
Glenda and Eugene Miller
Roy and Mary Miller
Dr. Herbert and Susan Miller
°John H. Morrell
Mr. and Mrs. Edward Moses
°Steve and Dr. Kristen Nelson
Robert and Mary Newstead
The Nieto Family
°Patricia and Richard Nolan
June Olson
Harry and °Rose Papp ⑤
*Jim and Anita Patterson
Cecil W. Penn
Mr. and Mrs. Manuel A. Perez
Linda Peshkin
John and Laura Phelps
Kelly Puziss
Don and Karen Randolph
Mr. and Mrs. Jonathan W. Reining
°Bruce Covill and Lucia Renshaw
Gail Rineberg
Mr. and °Mrs. Robert P. Robinson
Valerie J. Rosenthal
Mary Ell Ruffner
Elaine and Timothy Ryan
C. Angus Schaal
Dawn and °Jay Schlott
Steve and Anita Schultz
Barbara D. Shear
Melanie D. and Richard I. Shear
Rowena Simberg
°Adam and Iris Singer
Leonard and °Angela Singer
Albert Skorman
Pamela and °Raymond Slomski
Dr. Jerry N. Smith and Vickie Hamilton-Smith
Woodrow Jones and Richard Sourant
Helen Spacek
Becky Curtis Stevens
Patricia Stillman
Roxie and Jim Stouffer
Joan and Roger Strand
Paula Strickstein
V.T. and Vicky Tarulis
Allyson J. Teply
George Thiewes
French Thompson
Diane and °Gary Tooker
Betty W. Van Denburgh
Abram C. Villegas
Irene H. Vasquez and Mildred B. Williams
Charles and *Meredith von Arentschildt
Joan and James von Germeten
Ms. Susan von Hellens
Mr. and Mrs. A. Linwood Waldrop, Jr.
°William G. and Mary Way
°Louis A. and Daryl G. Weil
Naomi and Gerald Weiner
°Steve and Ann Wheeler
Carol D. Whiteman
Iris Wigal
Ronald Wilson and Bonnie Naegle-Wilson
Georgia Ray and R. Stephen Wolfe
Robin and Stephen Woodworth
°Mares Jan Wright
°Judy and Sidney Zuber, M.D.

Arizona Five Arts Circle * Current Trustee ° Past Trustee
Header image credit: Josiah McElheny, The Last Scattering Surface (La última superficie de dispersión), 2006. Hand-blown glass, chrome plated aluminum, rigging, and electrical lighting. Museum purchase with funds provided by Jan and Howard Hendler.

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