Safety Blankets: Discourse on NeurodivergenceSafety Blankets: Discourse on Neurodivergence

Safety Blankets: Discourse on Neurodivergence

Safety Blankets: Discourse on Neurodivergence
May, 23, 2024


Safety Blankets: Discourse on Neurodivergence

“I made Neurokin as a reminder of living in community. It has been so validating to find people who can relate to being neurodivergent in an ableist world.” – Michelle Dawn, Textile Artist

Safety Blankets: Discourse on Neurodivergence aims to spark connections and discourse and challenge the meaning of neurodivergence. The installation, presented in PhxArt’s administration building, showcases quilt and textile works by 15 artists from Arizona and across the U.S. who depict their lives and experiences as neurodivergent people. Works include 10 intentional universal design elements for neurodivergent and disabled people, and their fabrics evoke an expanded understanding of what occurs within their minds and bodies.

Safety Blankets is organized by Charissa Lucille, an artist and arts administrator based in Phoenix, whose work includes quilting, self-published zines, and exploring genetics, access needs, and communication styles related to their neurodivergence through their personal practice. This installation is made possible in part by the City of Phoenix’s New Artist to Work Grant.

Safety Blankets is accompanied by an audio component, available via in-gallery QR codes.

Discover more about this innovative project and its forthcoming catalogue (May 2024), visit and follow (@charissalucille) (@safetyblankets) on Instagram.

Featured Artists in the Installation:

Charissa Lucille
Sheena Cly Wahid
Yolie Contreras
Alice Costas
Phoenix Alvarado
Alistair Malone
Layla Nieves
Ari Rendon
Caroline Wilson
Aaron Davis
Michelle Dawn
Chris Leon Armarillas
Maira McDermott
Janelle Novotny
vivid schisms

Don’t miss out on seeing Safety Blankets: Discourse on Neurodivergence, on view in the Community Art Gallery located in PhxArt’s admin building, now through June 1, 2024.

Image credits: Michelle Dawn (They/She) Concurrence, 2023 Textile quadriptych; Neurokin, 2023 Woven textile, Photo Credit: Michelle Dawn. ⁠

Safety Blankets: Discourse on Neurodivergence

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